What is the difference between the Yoga Voice practice and the learning any vocal techniques?

Many people ask me time to time about how to learn to sing.. So I decided to make this post as the answer them for their question.

If we want to understand it, we need to understand what the intuitive singing is.

And I have story about it. It is fun a little bit.

It was few years ago… I remember one individual session with one of my clients.

She was a quite attractive lady. She came to me because she had a problem with her emotions. She was not be able to sleep well because almost every night she was waking up with the feeling as if someone was pressing her chest and she was not be able to breathe well. She was scared.

She was just looking for someone who could help her to get rid of this issue. And she thought I could help her using the practices of the voice to work with it.

I forgot to say that she finished Conservatory and she had a degree as professional singer.

I offered her to try to work with it using the intuitive singing. And of course I explained her what she has to do…

After we were making some preparatory exercises, I said «Try to sound and to express your feelings through your intuitive song. Close your eyes. And don’t care about how your voice will sound, also don’t care about any harmony or melody, just let you be yourself now. You have ten minutes.»

So.. first five minutes I thought I was present at a rehearsal in a musical theater.. everything was a perfect! But I have heard nothing more there. No life, no feelings, nothing! Only beutiful shapes…

One moment she suddenly stopped.. She keeps silent around half minutes.. And then she start to sing without any forms and melodies! It was not musical sounds at all.

I felt there a lot of pain and suffering.. I “saw” many events through her singing..

But it lasted only two minutes and then.. we came back to the «musical theatre» again.

When we finished she said me: «Oh.. I`am sorry I made mistake in the middle of the exercise..» And I said «No. You made mistake only in the beginning and in the end. Thank you for the possibility to leave the “opera” and to dive into the your real life and emotions»

I smiled. She understood me.

I asked her how she feels. She said that it seems as if “little bit of darkness” left her.
I say «to sound», not «to sing». The singing is an activity for people. And “to sound” is only for you. It is a healing and holistic process. You don’t need to waste the energy to show something for someone. It is only for you.

The Intuitive Singing is the practice which help us to connect with our unconscious for to fix corrupted connections even I can say it help us to restore natural power of Love to be more health and joy. Also it is very soft way for our psyche.

I respect the vocal art or any other arts. But in our practices we need to express our feelings to free our energy to become more ourselves. We do it through the voice, energy and body practices and we call it YogaVoice or Yoga of the Voice…

You know..sometimes our knowledge just prevents us to see the magic.

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