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Vocal Yoga helps one to find harmony through the sound. It’s an integrated practice which connects sound, body and mind. The voice is the most unique gift one is granted at birth. At the class the participants learn how to activate its natural beauty and power.

Vocal Yoga classes include:
— Breathing techniques
— Body and sound exercises
— Group toning
— Basics of overtone chanting
— Intuitive singing
— Sound healing practice
— Relaxation
— Free improvisation
— Traditional Singing (Indian mantras, African chants, simple songs from all over the world).

When people explore their voice they instantly feel better and appreciate their body and emotions in a completely new way. They get the confidence to express themselves, both in communication and creatively. Vocal yoga makes it possible to reduce stress, release emotions, and discover new talents. This practice is for people who blieve that sound is a great mystery but not only communication tool.

No experience in music or singing is needed.

Prices: 1 class 100,-
Subscription 300,- (4 classes, 6 weeks)

Payment can be done by MobilePay 50355323 or at the door.
Class is tought in English.

Address: Vita de Lux meditation centre, Esromgade 15 (Nørrebro st.), gate code 1448. Entrance no. 1, 3d floor, office no. 1309.
Registration is required — s.galanova@gmail.com
or phone 52 52 95 47 (Svetlana), 50 35 53 23 (Aiste).
Information about the teacher:
Svetlana Galanova — Vocal Yoga and Sound healing teacher. Education: The School of Voice practices and Sound therapy (Moscow, Russia), The Association of Sound Therapy and Harmonic Studies (Alkali, Spain). Overtone Singing and Sound Healing course at Lad Overtone School (Russia, Saint-Petersburg). Workshops in traditional Russian singing.

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